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Jobs in India could be very well categorized under various cadres of designations and career opportunities, well in short there is a job for every person in the country, pertaining to the individual’s educational background, smartness, and of course luck!

IT Jobs

Of course without any further questions, IT jobs would be listed first in the ‘white collar’ jobs category in the country. It is true that these IT jobs created in many opportunities for the people, eventually, the concept of outsourcing too have burgeoned in the country. Many parts of the country turned in to be the outsourcing centers for plenty of multinational companies. At one stage, people in the country have started to think that the IT jobs would be the ultimate goal of one’s career. The country has also welcomed the vast IT development, as it in turn brought a huge advancements in country’s GDP, as a result IT companies started to swirl in the various parts of the country, wherever you turn there will be an IT company ranging from small sized to huge research oriented organizations. When foreign investors realized the potential of the country on the front of commercial industrial base, they started to get into action, well the several branches of IBM, Dell, HP, Intel, and Microsoft do stand as a good example for the statement. Further, IT related jobs too started to spread in huge numbers in the country, this acted as the major reason for the growth of IT consulting services, call center operations, and other support services. Of course, hardware forms the soul of software field, hence have got developed with huge enhancements too.

Non-Technical Jobs

Blue collar jobs are majorly triggered by the manufacturing and production sectors, moreover there is no scarcity of industries in the country, hence there are abundant job opportunities in the country providing wages, which involves paying for jobs that are done on daily basis. In India, a huge percentage of people could be found in the category of wages jobs, as the population below the poverty line is unbelievably enormous. Such kind of jobs could be found under the cadres of building construction, auto and cab drivers, industry workers, cleaning works, etc… White collar jobs under this category comprises various higher designations, other than technical IT cadres, such as human resources, marketing, finance and accounting, customer support, editing, writing, publishing, and other support functions of IT. Well the non-technical jobs here means the job opportunities other than core IT requirements.

Physical Jobs

The physical jobs here gets related to the jobs opportunities that require predominant manual work out of the labor force, hence the percentage of physical work would be much higher than the percentage of mental work, for example, most of the blue collar jobs of the manufacturing industries in India, would be requiring the workers who are employed at daily wages, or low hourly rates to do the jobs physically like bringing in the raw materials, collecting the products, packing the same, and finally sending into the delivery centers, and many more related manual operations. As, India is known for its cheap labor, there should be any issue of getting the workers for the jobs to be done, eventually this acted as the major cause for increasing child labor in the country, but drastic steps are being taken consistently to eradicate the same!

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